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Introduction to Grandma Josie's Entrepreneurial Journey

Grandma Josie's Entrepreneurial Journey will show you how easy it is to follow your dream at any age.  I want everyone from young to old to get the opportunity to go out and get what you want from life.  Have you always had an idea for a business?  Did you let thee idea come and go?  Why didn’t you act on it? Did you think that it is too much or you don’t have time. I am here to tell you that you are never going to be at the right time, right place, right moment.  You have to just do it.  I am writing this book as an example of what you can do over and over with the gifts that God have given you. We all have something within us that is telling us the path and purpose for our life. You just have to know how to go and get it.  What is for you is for you no matter the path you take to get there.

This book is dedicated to my Grandma. I cherish the 42 years I spent with you and I am thankful of the time we had together. Grandma, your life consisted of 95 years of ups and downs, but also a collection of wonderful memories and lessons learned. 

Grandma Josies Entrepreneurial Journey is a publication of Myrose Publishing, copyright 2013.

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